Hey! My name is Nicko (the "O" is silent) and I have been studying and practicing the art of programming since the summer of 2006 and I have been in love with programming ever since. I have been a paid (guess that means professional?) iOS developer since January, 2011 and still love the field of iOS very much. I decided to start this blog to share info that might inspire and help other people and just simply share stuff that I find interesting, most of it has to do with writing code but other stuff might pop up as well. If you wanna see what I'm working on then checkout or even follow me on github: @nirma or twitter: @sono_un_cactus

Freelance development & Technical Consulting

I am available for hire for freelance software development. I'm fairly experienced in the iOS ecosystem  having developed apps for iOS, watchOS and macOS. If you want to explain your project and talk about rates please feel free to send me an email about your project and intentions to: nicko @ screaming-cactus [dot] com


This site serves as my personal blog, the opinions expressed are my own and not of my peers or employers.